You’ve probably seen a rise in #Doula influencers on social media and you're wondering what the fuss is about…

You’re noticing more and more women living authentically, vulnerably and passionately and you want a piece of that pie...

The Kardashians made Doulas and placenta encapsulation cool (heck yeah!) and you’re keen to find out about what qualifications you need to help celebrity royalty birth...

You are all about fighting for the equitable treatment of all people and advocating for those without a voice - human rights in childbirth, reproductive rights, infant rights - they’re each totally up your alley ...

You have big, beautiful dreams of running your own rock n’ roll Doula business that lights you up from the inside out ...

Chances are you’ve been looking for the right Doula Training for a looooong time but nothing’s felt quite right or aligned to what you’re looking to experience and learn.

If you fit any of the above, I can already tell you’re a badass and we’re going to get along juuuuuuuuust fine.

Well, it's your lucky day because you’ve just landed on the holy grail of professional passionista Doula training —
  a Doula training program so impactful and so dynamic that it is going to make your womb tingle and eyes water.

(If you already know you want to enroll, you can skip straight to the enrolment page HERE. Let’s party!)

Steph Burrows

Dynamo Doula Enrolled Student

Over these past few months YOU have completely changed the course of my career and life! I went from wanting to be a part-time Doula with a “real job” to funding my dream Doula job.

For the first time in my life I’m doing what I am truly passionate about and not just what I’m good at. Being so close to your wisdom that you share through the Facebook group has been such a privilege. You are so authentic - being in the presence of such a strong and defiant woman has brought out my own inner feminist diva. I find myself thinking, talking and behaving differently - more proud yet humble to learn; stronger in my beliefs yet still open to understanding others; more whole as a women, mother, wife, friend, sister and daughter.

This course is going to completely transform me as a person, woman and Doula. The course outline is soooo freaking amazing and I can’t wait to soak it all in and learn from you. THANK YOU for all of the energy, love, wisdom, strength and passion that you have put into this! You should feel incredibly proud of the movement you have created.

I know every single woman who has joined Dynamo Doula feels personally connected to you and as an educator it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Your Dynamo Doula Movement is making waves across our community in the BEST possible way!”

Have you been thinking the only way to pursue a career that involved women/people, babies, partners and parents was through formal education in the path of an Obstetrician or Midwife?

Well darling, you are soooo wrong with that one!

Doula work is the quickest way to work in birth, intercept the system and make real change within it. This program equips you with every ounce of knowledge you will need to rock your gig as super Doula, all the while instilling you with the deepest levels of integrity and professionalism you’ll find on the market.

Alright Angela, this sounds very cool, but can you tell me what a Doula does?

Great question! 

Doula work is a craft: the explosive marriage of instinct, intuition, knowledge and calling. 

It’s the purposeful way of emotionally and physically supporting the woman and/or person through pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period; practicing within a professional scope and code of ethics, all the while becoming anything & everything the Doula’s client needs.

Doulas use intention and compassion to bridge gaps in maternal & infant healthcare, providing the ultimate level of continuity of care to each client we work with.

As a Doula you'll use a unique set of characteristics to fulfil your calling to support and serve: 
patience, presence, malleability, commitment.

  • You'll use these traits to hold hands and carry hearts, rub feet and lay cold wash cloths against the brows of a labouring woman.
  • You'll wipe tears and help with the weight of heavy burdens your clients may be holding.
  • You'll educate and inspire the parents you work with to push further than they’ve ever pushed, while reminding them to enjoy birth as a physical, emotional and spiritual experience ripe with potential for transformation.

As a Doula you'll combine a myriad of different skills with your own personal talents to create tailored offerings that suits each person you work with uniquely.

  • You'll structure a series of antenatal and postnatal meetings that involve the intricacies of helping your clients find a care model & provider that is aligned with their individual philosophies
  • You'll be assisting them in planning for their ideal birth scenario, helping them create contingency plans for when the unexpected happens
  • You'll teach them high quality childbirth education all the whilst covering ‘must know’ information on protocols and policies relevant to their chosen care model, intervention, induction, procedures and more.
  • check
    You'll create spaces where women and birthing people can let their guards down and blossom in total safety, warmth and unparalleled support.

Much of what you'll do as a Doula is profound and can be explained in two words: active listening.

Because the truth of it is this: Doulas see and hear their clients when they feel like no one else does!

Doulas are the empowered & aware people who saw the pain, saw the error, saw the lacking, saw the inequity, saw the overwhelm in childbirth and child rearing and said ...

“I’m going to do something about this!”

Welcome to the future of Doula Work ...

 born and bred in one very special place ...

Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training Program

— modern, edgy, revolutionary —

a cutting-edge Doula certification course designed exclusively for vibrant visionaries ripe with passion and personality.

"Could this course be anymore amazing!!! I can't believe I can be a part of something so magical ... I feel like you should be CHOSEN to do the course!"


Ernolled Dynamo Doula Student

 "I would not be becoming a doula if you were not offering this training. I want to be different from the norm. I want to inspire women to take back birth, take back their power. I want to do my part to turn the birth industry upside down!"


Enrolled Dynamo Doula Student

"I’ve been on the fence about enrolling in a doula course in general over the last year due to timing with my job, money, etc., but I knew I was just pushing it off. I was finally ready to commit, mentally & financially, and then I saw that you were doing a training & it was all perfect."


Enrolled Dynamo Doula Student

Angela Gallo's Dynamo Doula Training™ Program Is Specifically Structured To Help You Become Everything You Were Destined To Be ...​​

So that every woman, mother, birthing person, parent and baby you work with has the privilege of enjoying your beautiful gifts.

Can you imagine for a second ...

A world where birth keepers, birth coaches and birth educators find success in places they were told they couldn’t.

A world where all Doulas are valued, respected and celebrated for the exceptional work they create.

A world where all Doulas are known for operating in full integrity & professionalism.

A world where all Doulas are in a position to create meaningful work that impacts their community and the world at large.

How Will Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training™ Inspire That World To Materialize?

I have carefully curated this training program around a number of my own philosophies, values and beliefs

Every ounce of content found within this curriculum is built around these beautiful seeds - the exact seeds I used to scale my own business to 6 figures and the exact seeds I have used to help other successful Doulas slay their own businesses.

  • Believe in your gifts
  • Monetise your passions
  • Diversify your offerings
  • ​​​​Work smarter not harder
  • Change the world

Furthermore, I built the program with a few very specific goals in mind ….

  • See Doulas and the services they provide, respected and celebrated by the medical, maternal care and birthing community at large;
  • See outcomes & experiences improved for women and birthing people worldwide through the delivery of exceptional services made available by savvy, skilled, and compassionate Doulas;
  • See awareness and change manifested by Doulas through critical conversation, activism, and advocacy;
  • check
    Seeing women in business supported and believed in so that they may build profitable, sustainable and purpose filled companies doing the work they love.

By marrying a unique set of cornerstones and values, my team and I are endeavouring to birth a new league of Doulas invested in our collective work, whilst being invested in themselves.

We believe that Doulas have the heart and vision to improve mainstream birth culture, they need only the guidance to help them realise this potential.

We believe in dreams and the Doulas dreaming them; we believe in nurturing Doulas until their dreams become reality.

We believe in the reverberating power of passion and in the value of persistent enthusiasm.

We believe in Doulas operating as true professionals; at all times behaving and performing the services in a professional, timely, and competent manner using reasonable care, skill and diligence with a high standard of honesty and integrity, as to responsibly represent Doula work and Doulas as a whole.

We believe in integrity - the quality of being honest and operating in strong moral principle. We believe in Doulas operating ethically, with a strong sense of self-worth; sincerely, truthfully, trustworthy and in good character always.

We believe in making a positive change in the communities in which we operate and that fundamentally, Doulas exist to do good and do no harm.

We believe in big picture thinking, short and long terms goals to achieve meaningful impact and the inspired action to match.

We honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We commit ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects and supports diverse traditions, heritages, experiences, and cultures, as well as people from all walks of life and circumstance.

We believe in commitment to a greater good in the broader spectrum of childbirth and parenting; as well as using our unique skills, talents, gifts and experiences to achieve the objectives in alignment with this greater good.

We believe in collaboration, not competition, as a critical way of maintaining strong community values and a necessary abundant mindset.

We believe that learning is more important than knowing, and that continual self-improvement, humility, and compassion is vital to the foundational success of any professional Doula.

We believe in being daring enough to disrupt, because vanilla doesn’t move mountains.

Lastly, we believe in you, and the worth of your ambitions, heart, vision and desires as a professional Doula.​​​​

So Are You Ready For The Gold?

Because This Is A Next Generation Doula Training Infused With Poise and Feminine Guile To Take You And Your Vocation To The Peak Of Your Game.

Get ready, my darlin’, because we are talking about you becoming a superstar in your chosen niche and community. Rocking your Doula pursuits with your own unique zest and vision.

Enrolment in Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training™ guarantees lifetime access to a sweet and brazen concoction of explosive audio, video, written and direct content.

A balanced combination of structured modules and expansive extras, with slick and sharp special guests and array of MasterClass contributions, a collaborative think tank, and the collective industrious spirit to amplify your aspirations.

FACT: This is not some average here’s-a-couple-of-articles-and-an-old-webinar style of ho-hum delivery. You deserve so much more than that as you kick off your career in the Doula world!

Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training™ is a strategic investment that offers:

  • CERTIFICATE of Completion in BOTH Birth & Postpartum Doula Work
  • check
    LIFE-TIME access to current and updated content — no hidden costs, once you are in YOU ARE IN!
  • Over 15 Modules covering mission-critical content in order for you to THRIVE as a birth nerd, professional Doula, philanthropist, visionary and entrepreneur.
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    6 MONTHS ACCESS to Evidence Based Birth​Ⓡ 
  • Dozens of guest contributions from peak professionals across a number of industries bringing a wealth of upbeat knowledge and wicked wisdom.
  • check
    Exclusive access to the Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training™ emerging students & graduated students Facebook Group, moderated by super birth babes who exist to provide you infinite amounts of support and inspiration.
  • check
    Tri-yearly Masterclasses delivered by an amazing group of professionals in the emerging student Facebook Group.
  • check
    An ever-growing abundance of candid videos on both site & FB Live where Angela shares the latest tips, tricks and insights so you get sharper, smarter and savvier in your Doula business decisions.
  • check
    Regular insightful involvement and guidance from dedicated Master Doula Educators and Angela on a daily basis.
  • check
    First dibs on limited mentoring spots with Angela when they become available – a powerful opportunity to anchor your business and amplify results.
  • check
    Discounts on the in-person Doula Training Crash Course, as well as to workshops and events.
  • check
    Promotional offers and discount codes from other businesses to complement your learnings.
  • check
    Discounted entry into Heart & Hustle, an epic business course created for passionate birth professionals - Angela’s sister program for advanced birth professionals.
  • check

    And lastly - the golden promise that this program will continue to evolve in the most magical and meaningful ways possible so that we are are collectively moving forward at all times!

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Who is Angela Gallo?

Angela Gallo is a fiercely passionate birth professional who has successfully grown her Doula and birth photography business to a 6-figure empire built on social justice, women’s empowerment and the desire to see maternal outcomes and experiences improved worldwide.

Angela is especially enthusiastic about inspiring women to reclaim their personal powers in order to seize every opportunity in childbirth, their businesses and in the depths of their sensuality. Her initial business as a boutique birth Doula evolved into an industry first business program she designed exclusively for birth professionals, and more recently launching a dynamic Doula training program that is entirely aligned to her personal philosophies & values.

Angela has personally taught over 500 students, coached dozens of maternal & perinatal professionals in business, spoke to hundreds in national & international audiences, served dozens of families as a Doula & Birth Photographer and has been featured multiple times in a variety of mediums — suffice to say there is no stopping this passionate powerhouse from achieving whatever she sets her eyes and heart on!

So Maybe You're Now Thinking, "But What Exactly
Will I Learn From This Cutting-Edge Training?"

This is just some of what you'll be taught during your time in this innovative training program...

Module 1

You'll learn...

Who the Doula is

What a Doula does

What types of Doulas exist

A history on Doulas

About the rise of Doulas and their influence on modern birth culture

What skills and characteristics are unique to Doulas

What is the Dynamo Doula’s Scope of Practice

What Angela’s perspective and interpretation of what a Doula is

About common misconceptions surrounding Doulas

Everything you need to know to help debunk Doula myths



Visual/Audio component

Module 2

You'll explore...

Your intentions, motives and expectations in regards to becoming a Doula

Your aspirations, as well as short and long term goals as a professional Doulas

The belief systems you have about childbirth and mother/parenthood

Your personal experiences with childbirth, motherhood, and parenting

Your personal baggage and triggers in order to best serve your clients

What it means to show up in full integrity and operate as a Professional

How to take inspired action that takes you closer to fulfilling your personal potential

How to develop a unique Doula style that is aligned to your personal philosophies and values

Your confidence and comfort levels

The importance of sustainability and self-care, as well as why it directly affects those we work with



Visual/Audio component

Module 3

You'll learn about...

Care Models 

Care Providers

Their respective protocols, policies and philosophies

And how to best navigate each system and institution



Visual/Audio component

Module 4

You'll learn about...

Hormones in pregnancy

Hormones in early labour

Hormones in active labour

Hormones in the third stage (placenta)

Hormones in the immediate postpartum

Hormones in breastfeeding

Hormones in the first 6 weeks postpartum



Visual/Audio component

Module 5

You'll explore...

Every pregnancy trimester, in a totally holistic way.

Examples of angles we approach are…

What is happening/changing physically during this trimester?

How is the expectant mother or pregnant person likely to be feeling during each trimester?

What tests, procedures, or appointments are offered during each trimester?

What discomforts are likely being experienced by the expectant mother or pregnant person during each trimester?

What can be offered to support said discomforts?

What is the role of a Doula during each trimester?

You will also learn about pregnancy as a rite of passage.



Visual/Audio component

Module 6

You’ll learn in depth information on labour, childbirth and the afterbirth.

This includes extensive exploration of...

Brain changes in childbirth;

Physiological childbirth;

Induced and/or surgical childbirth;

Stages of Labour;

As well as;

The relationship between mother/birthing person and baby;

The differences in labour and how this affects the relationship between mother/birthing person and baby;

  1. Spontaneous Labour
  2. Induced Labour
  3. No Labour (planned Cesarean)

Physiology of the placenta;

History of the placenta;

Placenta Practices;

You will discuss…

What might be happening physically and emotionally for mother/birthing person, baby, and partner immediately after birth?

The Golden Hour and how to best facilitate this in every type of birth scenario

The role and responsibilities of a Doula immediately after birth

What is expected from a Doula by the mother, birthing person or parent immediately following birth

How to pack up and unwind after a birth

You will also learn about…

Common reasons for an induction

Medical Induction methods

Natural Induction methods

Pain relief options (explanation, risks, benefits)

  • Physiology and function of pain in labour and birth
  • Natural pain relief options - Benefits and Side Effects
  • Pharmacological pain relief - Benefits and Side effects

Positions in labour

Relaxation tools

Stress coping techniques

Pain coping techniques

You will explore how the above information changes depending on the circumstances of the individual receiving it;

  1. Clients with Special Needs
  2. Victim Survivors
  3. Breech Birth
  4. Twins/Multiples
  5. Emergency
  6. And more

You will find out about…

Practicing excellent hygiene as a Doula

How to best prepare for a birth

What to pack in your Doula bag

What to expect and prepare for as a Doula - AFTER birth



Visual/Audio component

Module 7

You will learn incredibly dynamic information on how to support a woman, birthing person and/or partner through…

Pregnancy (and all associated testing, ailments, discomforts, emotions, etc.) 

Relationship issues relating to pregnancy, birth and parenthood

Non-conventional family structure / inclusivity / etc


Preterm birth


  1. Frank Breech
  2. Footling Breech
  3. Turning a breech baby
  4. Studies of breech vaginal birth
  5. Interventions for Breech (ECV, Moxi, Acu)
  6. Maggie Banks

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Spontaneous Labour

Induced or Augmented Labour

Surgical Birth

Planned Cesarean

Unplanned Cesarean

Homebirth transfer to hospital

Unassisted Birth

Unexpected emergency or turn of events



Clients with special needs

Victim Survivors of sexual/domestic abuse

You’ll explore…

Are there any local laws that dictate your capacity to support any of these types of births?

How do you personally feel about being in each of these types of births?

Using your instinct and intuition as your deepest superpowers to navigate each of them

How to hold the space for parents to unpack the events - immediately after, then up to a few months after the birth

How to help your clients design their own birth and postpartum plan



Visual/Audio component

Module 8

You will learn about…

Unexpected outcomes and loss

Stillbirth / Loss  


Statistics on termination

What challenges you about this?

What are the processes of termination

  • Medical 
  • Surgical
  • What to expect for each
  • Termination after 20 weeks
  • What are the LAWS in your area? 

Why would a woman/person access a termination?

  • Genetic defects detected
  • Mental health
  • Other factors



Visual/Audio component

Module 9

You will learn all about the postpartum period...

The first 6 weeks - how is your client likely feeling?

The first year - what is your client most likely to grieve and/or celebrate?

Hormones and how they’re directly affected by fatigue, environment, energy, etc.

Emotional welfare

Healing and recovery

The power of connection and active listening

The ways a Doula helps optimise and energise the postpartum period

Exploring postnatal depression as a result of birth trauma

Key signs of mental illness and reporting abuse/neglect

  • Differences in PND, PN Psychosis, Birth Trauma, normal postnatal emotions
  • Ensure working within scope- not ever to diagnose but to support Seeking out professional help
  • Know how to refer
  • Avoiding codependency and enabling behaviours with your client/s
  • Debriefing (exploring key differences between a counsellor and holding space that allows them to safely process their emotions)

Nourishing the mother- a cultural perspective

The 40 day tuck in

Placenta remedies

Herbal remedies

The science behind skin to skin and nurtured bonding time

Supporting Breastfeeding

You will…

Develop an offering to serve your postpartum clients

Explore ways to diversify your offerings as a postpartum Doula



Visual/Audio component

Module 10

You will learn about…

Breastfeeding - Antenatal, birth, postnatal

Exploring The Breast Crawl

How to support your client/s with breastfeeding

Knowing when to refer onwards to a dedicated professional



Visual/Audio component

Module 11

You will learn about...

Advocacy & Activism - what do they actually entail?

What does advocacy and activism look like in your business and in the birth/parenting space?

Practical, sustainable and humble ways to advocate for your client

How to advocate for your community and birth culture

How to teach your clients to advocate for themselves

Incorporating activism into your business model



Visual/Audio component

Module 12

You will learn extensive amounts of information on operating your business as a successful birth and postpartum Doula….

Shifting the Doula paradigm

Choosing a business name and crafting a tagline

Developing your unique Doula style

Unpacking your ideal client archetypes and buyer personas

The value in brazen authenticity

Visibility - How to let your personality, passion and expertise get SEEN by those who matter

Designing your packages and developing outstanding offerings unique to your brand

How to speak your ideal client’s language

Use of the Love Languages

How to seamlessly execute your proposed service/offers

Establishing your business - exploring business essentials

Setting up organisational and operational systems

Exploring personal relationships with money and shifting money blocks

Branding - so much more than just a logo

Website 101

Captivating copywriting

Search Engine Optimisation

Blogging and Video Blogging

The many faces of marketing

Social media use

Networking and forging alliances

Big picture thinking and setting objective goals

Analysing the many forms of self sabotage

Representing your business and brand with true style

Professional etiquette in the maternal and perinatal sphere

Exploring what ‘integrity’ looks like to you

Planning for common client & partner objections + rebuttals

Planning for common client questions and answers

Planning for the F.A.Q of your website

We will explore how to…

Act as a true professional

Implement actions that will legitimise your work as a Doula

Practice ethically

Represent Doulas and Angela’s brand

We will tackle;


    • What does look like and feel like for you now that you’ve progressed through the course? What do you feel you need to do or act on to be more confident?

    • Why do confidence, humility and assertive play such a huge role in the  standard of work you carry out, as well as they way you are perceived by clients and colleagues?

Self-Care & Sustainability


How to work through a traumatic birth as a professional

How to work with a birth team that are challenging, as a professional



Visual/Audio component

Module 13

You will bunker down on developing your professional Doula Workflow…

Sourcing potential clients (paid and organic reach)

Managing and replying to client inquiries

The art of sales - pitching your offer and converting to a sale

Positioning your client - establishing their situation & needs

Designing a workflow that not only suits your individual business, clientele, and needs, but is also aligned with sustainability and profitability

Setting up the necessary infrastructure to support your business (ex. reliable childcare)

Contracts & Agreements

Communication and interpersonal skills

Laying personal and professional boundaries

Constructing engaging and inspiring prenatal meetings

How to provide the anticipated extra support required in the last trimester - zischwen/matrescence

How to plan for ‘the call’

How to plan for supporting a woman or birthing person through labour

How to plan for supporting a woman or birthing person through birth

Constructing compassionate and detail driven postpartum meetings and postpartum care

Following up with your clients and receiving feedback

Broadening your offerings and moving on to premium pricing



Visual/Audio component

Module 14

You’ll have access to dozens of Masterclass Contributions!

Mother Blessings - Pregnancy

Comforting Touch in Pregnancy

Comforting Touch in Labour



Rebozo Techniques for Labour


Placenta related services

Aryuvedic Postpartum Postnatal Principles




Embodied Birth

Menstrual Cycle Charting

Fertility Awareness

Birth Photography

Mother Roasting

Grounding, Intuition, and Inward/Outward Intention

Exploring relationship and Identity after Baby Postnatal

Hypnosis techniques in pregnancy and birth

Avoiding burnout as a professional

Creating DNA & Breastmilk Jewellery

Navigating Birth Trauma

And more!

Module 15

You will learn about…


"Here is home for me. I feel like I have a world-wide network of passion filled doula sisters who will empower moms and support them physically and be a mental and emotional cheerleaders during the prenatal, birthing, and postpartum process and be equipped with the tools needed to be successful in this industry."


Ernolled Dynamo Doula Student

"I almost signed up to a local course just before my SIL gave birth to my niece but money was tight and I just wasn’t sure I was ready to be away from my then 18 month old; I also was worried about just being sent out with these qualifications and not having any further support ... then you launched this training program about 6 months later and I knew it was 100% right for me!"


Enrolled Dynamo Doula Student

"I did talk myself out of joining initially, thinking that I couldn’t possibly take on this course as well (financially, mentally, physically!)... I just jumped in ... And now I won’t be forever wondering if being a doula is actually one of my greatest purposes!"


Enrolled Dynamo Doula Student

Secure payment

But That's Not All You'll Have Access To...
These MasterClass Contributions Are Worth The Investment Of This Training All On Their Own!

You'll have exlusive access to these slick and sharp special guests, and the collective industrious spirit to amplify your aspirations.

Katherine Eden Lech

Mother Blessings

Katherine believes that magic truly does happen every single time women gather, and if we can bring that magic to surround a woman about to enter motherhood, we are supporting the change that we want to see more of in the world. Offering blessings, ceremonies and ritual is much more about raising the oxytocin, lowering the cortisol on a physiological level. Raising the vibration on a spiritual, energetic and cellular level, and about completely nourishing and nurturing a woman’s every sense. 

The foundation of this work is based on the idea of honouring the ‘in between’ or the matrescence that humans have always done. As a remembering of our connection with the cycles and the earth. As a rewilding experience to connect us back with both our cyclic nature and with love from those around us. This video will give you an understanding of what a Blessing is, why the science can back up it’s incredible benefits for any woman, how to tailor your offerings to meet YOUR market (not just the hippie crowd), some activities you might includes, and some information about blessings and cultural appropriation and, how/why you need to avoid it.  

Maha Al Musa

Birth as a Somatic Practice (Based on the 3 Core Components of EmbodyBirthTM) - Philosophy & Psychology, Physiology and Practice

EmbodyBirthTM (founded in 1997) is a deeply inspirational childbirth education and preparation program for "mamas-to-be" and birth professionals to have another perspective and pathway of childbirth philosophy that is based on bringing birth back to mothers and babies. In this contribution Maha will talk about the 3 core components of EmbodyBirthTM and how you can apply them towards your Doula practice to inspire and reassure mothers of their innate birth wisdom. We will be covering the philosophy and psychology behind EmbodyBirthTM, our natural birth physiology and how can we connect the two together using somatic dance practice - or BellydanceBirth®.

Angela Gallo

Professionalism & Integrity

A heartfelt discussion on the vital importance of operating as a Doula in full integrity. Angela explores the meaning on professionalism and integrity, and how to best apply this to your practice.

Julie Bell

Wise Woman Doula Herbalism

In this contribution you will explore how to incorporate herbs in your care and support of the birthing family, during pregnancy, labour and birth and during post-natal healing. You will also learn about herbal lore which will serve as a catalyst for reconnecting with nature, tuning into the body’s messages and awakening innate knowing of the wise woman within.

Bess Bennett

Menstrual Cycle Charting and Fertility Awareness

In this contribution you will learn how to use your menstrual cycle to map out a blueprint for your business, as well as using the FAM and LAM method to assist your postpartum clients with natural contraception.

Brooke Marie

Baby Wearing Essentials

This contribution will equip you with the basic foundations of Babywearing and will teach you how to confidently implement these to add value to your existing offerings, but also most importantly, how to share this knowledge with your clients to leave lasting positive experiences with them as they find their feet in the early parenting years.

Erin Black

All Things Placenta

Doulas will learn information that they can pass onto their clients surrounding ways they can honour the placenta, as well as learn about cultural and spiritual beliefs surrounding the life sustaining organ, a brief history on placenta and find out the essentials about placentophagy, as well as be pointed where they can formally learn to encapsulate placentas. Doulas will receive a ‘Placenta Education and Training Information’ packet.

Dr Erin Bowe

Navigating Birth Trauma

An introduction on how to cope with birth trauma. You will learn how to use positive psychology principles to prevent compassion fatigue and develop a personalised, sustainable self-care plan.

Erika Munkton

Hypnosis Techniques

You will receive an introduction to hypnosis for childbirth in order to get an idea of what this training involves, what tools you learn and how to apply them to benefit your client during pregnancy, labour and parenting. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool to use as a Doula. In this contribution you will learn basic hypnotherapy theory, benefits of learning hypnosis skills, what the hypnosis process looks like, common client experiences, tools you can use to facilitate hypnosis for your clients, how to self-hypnosis, and receive further resources.

Jojo Hogan

Essential Oil Use In Pregnancy, Labour and the Postnatal Period

In this contribution, Doulas will be introduced to ‘Aromatherapy for Pregnancy & Birth’. They will explore what Aromatherapy is, how they might use essential oils to benefit the health and wellbeing of their clients and cautions and considerations of doing so within their scope of practise. They will also delve into using essential oils with their clients during their pregnancies and in the birth room including diffusers and inhalation, massage and comforting touch and hot and cold compresses.Doula will also explore six essential oils that are commonly used for pregnancy and birth and how best to utilise them as well as their beneficial properties.

Sheridon Byrne

Working Effectively With LGBTIQA+ Families

This interview with Sheridon will include a discussion on why and how we can work to provide an equitable response to Queer families. Doulas will learn the difference between sex, gender, gender identities and sexual orientation and the importance of language and being gender-inclusive.  She will share some common concerns and misconceptions for these families as well as how to best work alongside Queer families to advocate and provide access to the best service and to support them to build their families in strength and dignity.

Angela Gallo

Navigating The Politics of the Birth World

In this video, Angela goes into explicit detail about navigating the politics of mainstream birth culture as a practicing Doula. She explores a variety of real time situations, helps you get creative with trouble-shooting, and inspires you to confidently assert your presence as a birth professional.

Samantha Moody

Nourishing Foundations For Your Doula Business

Building a Doula business demands your time, commitment, and emotional intelligence. Being called to this profession is not enough, you have to refine your energetic tools to avoid burning out or creating unhealthy commitments to your clients. In order to build a sustainable career, you need a plan for making sure there is enough in your energetic reserves to meet the needs of your clients while preserving your own path towards growth and self-realization. In this contribution you will learn how to set a nourishing emotional and spiritual foundation for your Doula career to stand upon. Through care to the emotional body, trainees will grow into a mode of Eoula-ing that efficiently uses their unique talent for sensing and responding to the needs of others without draining them energetically. Samantha truly believes that by facing the uncomfortable truths about our experiences as Doulas, we create a superpower capacity to heal not just ourselves, but the collective.

Amy McGlade

DNA & Breastmilk Keepsake Jewellery

In this video contributions, Amy explores how to use DNA & Breastmilk jewellery in order to increase value in your offerings and positively impact your client interactions.

Julia Jones

Postpartum - Gorilla's, Villages and Baby Brain

Do you sometimes feel like you offer amazing support during pregnancy and labour, but three months later find out your clients are overwhelmed, isolated and exhausted? Do you feel frustrated because pregnant women are focussed on birth and have no idea how vital and valuable postpartum support is? In this lesson we'll explore the ancient history of motherhood, and look at parenting from the perspective of evolutionary science and anthropology. We'll also explore the latest breakthroughs in neurology and hormones and how baby brain is the best thing that ever happened to mothers, and their families! You'll get some stories and stats you can share with your potential clients to show them the value of investing in postpartum care.

Jojo Hogan

Postpartum - Mothering The Mother

In this contribution Doulas will learn about the important work of a postpartum doula and what a typical postpartum visit might look like. You will also explore the five foundations of a peaceful postpartum.

Amberley Harris


In this contribution you will learn what you can do with your clients antenatally to help ensure a plentiful milk supply when their baby arrives, how the type of birth influences breastfeeding (in good + bad ways), and the importance of the breast crawl after birth. Plus you will look into the three essential pillars of breastfeeding; positioning + attachment + how to support your clients to get both of these working together in harmony.

Angela Gallo

Diversifying Your Offerings

Angela discusses how use the diversification of her offerings to successfully grow multiple streams of income & activity. In this video she teaches you how to use various skills, gifts, talents and qualifications to optimise your current packages and maximise impact in your client interactions. 

Dasha Clarke

Keeping Partners Connected In The Perinatal Period

As a Doula you will be in a unique and privileged position to best support families holistically as they transition into parenthood. You have the opportunity to not only guide couples through birth but also help them navigate the changes in themselves, their relationships and their life after baby. Birth really is only the beginning and the postnatal period can be challenging for individuals and their relationship. In this contribution you will learn simple and effective practices you can share with your clients to help them understand the changes happening and increase their capacity to cope with them together.  

Lizzie Carroll


VBAC rates have actually declined over the last few years, while the number of women exploring them as a birthing option appears to be increasing. Why are so many women who start out wanting a VBAC missing out? And as Doulas, how can we better support women as they advocate for themselves, their babies, and their births in the VBAC arena? In this segment you will learn how to sensitively and confidently explore VBAC options with women and help them to plan their VBAC journeys from a place of power. As well as supporting their emotional needs through the unique challenges they may encounter along the way.

Lacey Barratt

Birth Photography

In this video, Lacey goes into incredible detail on how to add birth photography onto your existing offerings, and why it is such an incredible tool to have in your Doula arsenal. She teaches you the fundamentals of camera use (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed), as well as how to incorporate the use of a camera in the birth space. An essential watch for creatives wanting to diversify their offerings!

Jojo Hogan

Yoga Practice in Pregnancy and Motherhood

In the first part of this module we explore the many benefits of using some simple gentle yoga techniques with your pregnant doula clients in order to ease common pregnancy discomforts. In part two of this series we will explore how the practice of yoga can benefit your Doula client in the birth room. In Part 3 we will discuss the benefits of yoga for your doula clients in the postpartum weeks following the birth of their baby.

Marta Wills

Mother Roasting

Sacred Postpartum practices offer a level of holistic healing for a new mama’s mind, body, and soul that is unparalleled. Birth is an amazing and intense journey. Women bodies go through a lot of hard work to bring a child into the world. Through all this, they are opening to ‘release their baby’. Afterwards, this openness may remain present and leave them feeling empty. Their bodies have been a vessel for their little one for many months so they may experience a sense of emptiness once they have completed the birthing process. With these gentle yet powerful ritualistic ceremonies women in their first days of motherhood, we are pulling the mother "together" and also introducing heat back into her body on many levels. In this contribution you will learn more on ‘Mother Roasting’.

Elyse Jamieson

Navigating the ‘What If’s and Risks’ of Twin and Breech Births

In this video Elyse helps Doulas confidently empower mothers and birthing people in twin/multip and breech births.

Sheridon Byrne

Identifying & Responding to Family Violence During Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

This presentation will provide Doulas with the basic skills and knowledge to identify family violence and distinguish family violence from other kinds of relationship issues.  Doulas will learn some of the most common forms that domestic violence takes as well as best practice in responding to disclosures. The presentation will cover terminology differences, key legislations as well as discuss the evidence-based risk factors and how to respond to safety concerns.

Angela Gallo

Lizzie Carroll

Advocacy and Activism

Lizzie and Angela discuss how to incorporate advocacy and activism into your 1-1 work, social media use and community. An encouraging video about what advocacy and activism actually looks like for Doulas, and how we can best support the folks who need us the most.

Katherine Eden Lech

Erin Black

Preventing Burnout As A Birth Professional and How To Implement Effective Self-Care Practices

When doulas do not care for themselves and lead themselves into burnout, it not only leaves a huge void in the profession as a whole, because we lose amazing workers, but it drastically limits the support available to women. The rate of unsustainable burnout and huge turn over of professionals also increases the misconceptions about what we do and why it is important. This presentation will discuss what burn out actually is, what some of the most common causes are and their consequences for birth workers and the profession as a whole. And we will provide some practical tools and methods to assist in avoiding burn out to create a sustainable and joyous career.

Angela Gallo

Julie Bell

The Meaning of Doula Work

A passionate conversation on what Doula work respectively means to Angela & Julie, a history of their work, their vision for the future of Doula work and a warm, inspiring welcome to new students.

Angela Gallo

Lacey Barratt

Freebirth / Unassisted Birth

Angela & Lacey explore the explosively divisive and controversial topic of freebirth. Should Doulas support freebirth? Why? Why not? How? A great watch for those wanting to broaden the lens of their understanding on what it means to be a Doula in a world where the ways and spaces in which women/people birth is quickly changing.

Angela Gallo

Social Media

A wildly enthusiastic video on the marvels of social media, how social media changed her business and is changing the world, and why social media needs to be an integral part of your Doula business strategy.

"A lot of what you're offering bypasses the other programs I've looked at. Being witness to a strong women pursuing her passions confidently is inspiring. I didn't feel inspired after talking to one course teacher who wanted to make sure I knew being a doula is more likely to be a hobby job and there's no money in it."


Ernolled Dynamo Doula Student

 "I enrolled because I don’t think programs are inspiring; I think people are. I knew change was brewing in my life, and I knew it related to women, and this program fit the FEELING I had of wanting to be a superwoman."


Enrolled Dynamo Doula Student

"I wanted something modern that challenged the present birth industry. I didn't want to get caught in the trap of the traditional attitude towards pregnancy and birth but instead provide updated and relevant advice and support for women and their partners."


Enrolled Dynamo Doula Student

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Can I be a Doula if I have had no experience supporting births or new mothers & parents? Can I be a Doula if I don’t have children of my own or if I haven’t experienced birth first hand?

Can I be a Doula if I have experienced birth trauma?

I am worried I won’t stick out in a sea of Doulas - will this program teach me how to market myself?

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